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Ghost nets have been some of the most popular artworks at CIAF and their workshops have been a favourite with our visitors, and now Brisbane residents can experience these beautiful creations for themselves at artisan’s latest exhibition The Long Tide: Contemporary ghost net art.

The exhibition showcases original ghostnet artworks by 25 Indigenous and non-Indigenous artists including Mavis Ngallametta, Mahnah AngelaTorenbeek and Racy Oui-Pitt.

Ghost nets are discarded fishing nets which wash up onto shores of on the Gulf of Carpentaria. These nets are often kilometres long and entrapped and kill marine wildlife. GhostNets Australia, an alliance of 22 Indigenous communities, collects the ghostnets and turns them into stunning, vibrant and colourful pieces of art.

The exhibition aims to bring awareness of the devastating effects of ghost nets to the public’s attention.

The artworks on display include baskets, vessels and sculptures of local wildlife as well as striking and impressive artwork, Ilum (Giant Squid), which was commissioned by Artistic Director Avril Quaill for last year’s CIAF.

The Long Tide: Contemporary ghost net art is showing at Gallery artisan, Fortitude Valley, 12 April-9 June.

For more information visit artisan's website.

Image: Flora Taylor, Basket, 2011. Reclaimed nylon fishing net (ghost net) and synthetic twine.Photo: Rod Buchholz 2012